Below are some common ways and some suggestions on how you can use Zapier to integrate your Stripe account with Hatchbuck. 

Segment your Contacts based on who has purchased from you AND how often they purchase

  • Zap to use: "New Charge" (Trigger = Stripe) to "Add a Tag" (Action = Hatchbuck).
  • Add a general "Web Purchase" tag with this zap to:
    • Segment out current contacts who are active customers
    • Add new contacts to your database who have purchased
  • Use the "Browse by Tag" filter to find those in your database who have or have not purchased from you
  • Filter by tag score to find a list of your most frequent buyers



Automate some customer love

  • Zap to use: "New Customer" (Trigger = Stripe) to "Add a Tag" (Action = Hatchbuck). 
  • Create a Tag Rule to automate a Campaign once someone has purchased from you

*Hatchbuck Hack: Using the "Add a tag" automation gives you the most functionality. You can set up a Tag Rule within Hatchbuck, then use the rule to trigger any of the available Hatchbuck automations!