Here are the step-by-step instructions to add Hatchbuck's webpage tracking code to your custom Weebly website.

  • Go to the Settings tab at the top of the page in your "Admin" portal
  • Click on the SEO tab
  • Paste the script from your webpage tracking in Hatchbuck (instructions on setting that up) into the Footer area provided

This will apply the tracking code to every page of your website - no need to do it individually.

Bringing all of your pages into Hatchbuck: 

  • Since your code will be in a constant area (footer), add yourself as a user in the database, and become a Tracked Contact (fill out a Hatchbuck form or send yourself an email from Hatchbuck and click a link). Then, navigate through every page in your site to pull them in all at once

Want to learn about adding automations to webpage tracking? Check out this article

Important note: We ONLY track people who have had a cookie dropped via a form submission or link click from a Hatchbuck email.